Little Efforts to Manage your Reputation Online on Google

Little Efforts to Manage your Reputation Online on Google

If your efforts to get an unfavorable web page deleted are unsuccessful, you’ll have to resort to sheer force. For their search query, Google strives to display its consumers the most relevant and popular online information. Unfortunately, this implies that a nasty blog post or a one-star Yelp review has the same probability of showing up in Google’s search results as your webpage or social network profile. Fortunately, Google isn’t the cold, uncaring machine that its algorithm would lead you to assume. In reality, Google has provided rules and advice for anyone who is dissatisfied with their search results.

Boost your optimization efforts

Pay special attention to any websites that you Own, Control, or Influence but haven’t yet optimized when reviewing your audit. Do you think there’s a chance you might include a Superbrand link? Are you using pronouns in your descriptions when you might be speaking in the third person about yourself?

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to step up your efforts to create Incredible content. If you’ve been putting off developing an infographic or making a new film because you thought it would be too expensive, it’s time to rethink. Compare the expense of investing in online content that could rank higher than the bad web page against the cost of your detractor’s assault establishing a permanent home in your Google reputation over time.

Many online review sites are unreliable. If you go deep enough into the internet’s underbelly, you may find everything from shady customer reviews to naked photographs of a scorned lover.

You could always hire a blogger to write a sponsored review of your firm or sponsor an advertorial on a famous news site if you’re looking for something a little more savoury. If you choose this route, I would recommend two things. 

To begin, make sure you explicitly declare that the content is sponsored so that your detractor does not have another opportunity to cast doubt on your credibility. Second, it’s far preferable to contemplate this strategy now, rather than later, when your reputation is under threat. It not only gives the article more time to appear in Google’s SERPs, but it also eliminates any idea that you adopted this method just to improve your Google results.

Engage an ORM expert

If all of this is entirely beyond your comprehension, you could find it worthwhile to employ online reputation management (ORM) agency. There are hundreds of ORM services and consultants out there, all eager to grab your money. You have major organizations like Google Reputation Manager all the way down to individual consultants, just like any other sector.

Obtaining references from everyone you intend to recruit would be ideal, but it may be difficult—no one wants to offer a testimonial that confesses they had to hire a business to clean up their reputation! At the very least, anybody you engage should be able to clearly describe the strategies they intend to utilize to assist you to reclaim your Google reputation. Walk away if anything seems shady or contradicts anything you’ve read thus far in this series. There are many of excellent ORM businesses to choose from, so you don’t have to risk your already tarnished reputation any more.


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