ClearCorrect: the Way It Performs and It’s Expense

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ClearCorrect is another system of clear aligner widely preferred for straightening the teeth. It is also used as a great substitute of orthodontic solution for the traditional braces. Much identical to that of the Invisalign, it is certified too by the dentists to use for teeth straightening.

ClearCorrect is the set of custom-made, clear and removable aligner which progressively shift the teeth to its own position. Eventually, it will result in the correction of teeth to elicit you a new revitalised smile and appearance.

Important things to know

On visiting the orthodontist, radiographs, photographs and impression will be taken by the dentist after checking your dental condition extensively. This will help in designing and developing the customised aligner in the ClearCorrect laboratory. A 3D model of the original teeth is also developed there.

Then, you will be shown the entire treatment plan so that you can know the way it performs and promotes gradual realignment and reposition of the teeth as per your requirement.  The set up of the treatment comprises computerised illustration of the dental condition before and after the procedure.

The treatment set up is sent via email and you have to reply either its approval or other necessary adjustment. Accordingly, custom aligners will be moulded with the computer precision and by using latest moulding technology and digital mapping.

The way it works

The treatment of ClearCorrect involves 4-phase aligner therapy. Each one needs a new aligner set which will be worn for about 3-week. In the mean time, each set will offer optimal flexibility and control. It should be worn every time except for a few actions like drinking, eating, flossing and brushing.

Being designed aesthetically, it gets noticed barely and doesn’t create any impact on the daily routine. With every set of aligner, you will notice the visible result as they will start aligning and adjusting for restoring your desired smile.

Periodical check-up is necessary and hence you have to visit the dentist for evaluating your progress and receive next aligner set. It will continue until the new smile is achieved. Three treatment options are widely available for it:

  • Limited 6: Patients are offered with six-set of aligners
  • Limited 12: Patients are offered with 12-set of aligners
  • Unlimited: Patients need as much aligner as needed to restoring the complexity fully.

The price of treatment varies from one of its option to another. But amongst these, unlimited one is the most expensive. Be it Invisalign offers clear braces or offers on ClearCorrect, you should discuss with the local as well as trustworthy orthodontist.

Who will be benefitted from this?

In comparison to Invisalign, ClearCorrect is generally helpful for restoring the orthodontic issue in teenagers and adults. Children with not all molars and the elderly persons with much complicated dental problems are ideal candidate for ClearCorrect. Yet, it is highly advisable to discuss with the dentists to treat the below orthodontic complexities:

  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Turned (rotated) or crooked teeth

Traditional orthodontics vs. ClearCorrect

In some dental instances such as complex bite issues or misalignment problems where ClearCorrect cannot work at all, traditional orthodontics are highly suggested. Once you are done with traditional braces periodical adjustment is necessary to be done by the dentists. For this you have to visit the dentists often until the treatment period is over.

Even traditional braces interfere with regular oral hygiene routine, speaking and eating greatly. Whilst with ClearCorrect aligners you will receive custom-made aligner by eliminating the risk of irritation and necessity of adjustment simultaneously. Hence, with this you can be rest assured to obtain optimal comfort throughout the treatment period.

Invisalign vs. ClearCorrect

Both Invisalign and ClearCorrect are set of custom-made, clear as well as removable aligner that will realign the teeth in its desired position progressively. But for this at first, 3D model of the original teeth is made from fabricated impression.

Both of these are incredible orthodontic solution for fixing certain issues such as turned (crooked) teeth, underbite, overbite and spaced or crowded teeth. ClearCorrect comes with enhanced clarity which makes this virtually invisible and less invasive. It also protects the teeth from premature wearing down. Both of these aligners are come in sets with follow-up appointments with the dentists at a fixed interval of time.

Invisalign needs 20-30 sets of aligner to fix both lower and upper teeth. Whereas in the contrary to this, ClearCorrect needs 32 sets of aligners which are served in phases for treating moderate cases. For restoring minor cases, 12 sets are enough delivering in 3 different phases. Depending on the severity of the alignment issue, both of the treatment can consume 1 to 2 consecutive years.

How much a ClearCorrect aligner cost?

Averagely, the ClearCorrect costs can range from $2,500-$3,500 for the limited one. But if you prefer the full one then it can cost approximately $4,000-$5,500. Even the price varies along with the specific requirements of the patients.

It is much similar to that of various as well as attractive Invisalign deals in London to straight your teeth within shortest time period. In case for any dental insurance coverage for ClearCorrect you should ask about it to your insurance provider.

Only a reliable orthodontist can determine whether ClearCorrect is the right orthodontic solution for you or not! You can make an appointment at London Braces for fixing your dental or orthodontic issue. Our dentists are outstanding in offering the most suitable option for you as per your treatment requirements.


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