Remedies for your site throat

Remedies for your site throat

A sore throat can be the first sign to tell you that you have a cold. It can be the side effect of a strained vocal chord or an indication that you have something as serious as a strep throat. Whatever might be the cause, the first concern anyone has when it comes to soreness is how to get immediate relief. A torex cough syrup company can always help to relieve your throat. You might be tempted to run to the first doctor but you should always try out home remedies because they give the best possible results and are sometimes even more effective than expensive medication.

Let’s look at some of them:

  • One of the most effective medications you’ll use is probably already sitting there in your medicine cabinet. It’s usually an over the counter, anti inflammatory drug like Aleve or Advil. These medicines are pain relievers and anti inflammatories which can make you feel better in a short span of time. This will also reduce any kind of swelling you’ll assocaite with a sore throat. If you are down with fever, that might be contributing to the symptoms you’re facing, a tablet of Aleve or Advil might reduce that.
  • Go for a salt water gargle: Numerous studies have shown that saltwater gargling, at least twice a day can do wonders for a swollen throat by loosening up the mucus, thus helping the throat to flush out irritants and bacteria. Doctors usually recommend having a warm mug of water with half a teaspoon of salt. Incase the salt is way too unpleasant for you, you can go for a small amount of honey just to make the mixture a little sweet. Always spit out the mixture than swallowing it.
  • Sprays and lozenges: When it’s the cold and flu season, a sniffle or two becomes very common. Runny noses become widespread, however eating a ginger honey lozenge or spraying a reliving mixture down your throat can really help with throat irritation.
  • Cough syrup: At times, the annoying tickling in your throat and a cough that just won’t stop can really annoy you. What you need here is a cough syrup. Gone are the days when the cough syrup was way too sweet and would leave a disgusting flavour behind. Nowadays many ayurvedic brands have come up with herbal concoctions that don’t actually taste like medicine and also gives you relief.
  • Drinking tea: If nothing helps, tea can be your best friend. A nice warm cup of tea brewed with some ginger, honey and spices that open up your throat, can really help you to feel better. Even non herbal teas like green, black or white have a large amount of anti oxidants to strengthen your immunity levels and keep any incoming infections at bay. A teaspoon of honey in tea and in the cough syrup torex always works wonders. This is because honey has antibacterial properties that allow your throat to heal faster.

Don’t wait any longer and try out these remedies head first and see which suits you the best.


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