What You Need to know about Kangen Water

What You Need to know about Kangen Water

The word ‘Kangen’ signifies “return to origin” in the language of Japanese. Kangen water is basically alkaline water. The ‘alkaline’ in alkaline water refers to its pH levels. We all know that pH level is a significant number which helps to recognize how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a level or scale of 0 to 14. A pH of 1 would be extremely acidic & a pH of 14 would be excessively alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than normal drinking water & that’s why, it has been believed that Kangen water can help neutralize the acid in human body. The bright country of Japan has been using Kangen water for more than forty years now to restore the body to its original and alkaline state. Kangen water has worked it’s way up to the limelight, becoming the most popular, safe & delicious drinking water.

Not only as drinking water, Kangen water is greatly beneficial for cleaning, cooking, beauty care etc. Tap water, bottled water etc can be excessively contaminated, so as you thought, these can be literal hazards to health. It is to be taken under account that Kangen water is not only health friendly, but also improve the taste & deliciousness of home cooked meals. It provides better hydration & provides glowing hair & skin, basically water benefits at it’s very best.  You may ask exactly where Kangen water comes from, the answer is Kangen Water comes from a certain line of water ionizing machines.

Enagic, the supplier of this sort of machines, proposes that having Kangen water on a daily basis should be a priority in terms of having a healthier lifestyle. Right now, when our lifestyles are getting bombarded with stress, pollution etc, it’s important to choose carefully what we’re putting in our body. Kangen water has a top-notch amount of excellence when it comes to providing our bodies with essentials. Through the process of electrolysis, normal water can be transformed into hydrogen rich Kangen water, yes. Hydrogen rich water has an increased concentration of molecular hydrogen, which behaves as an essential antioxidant. It reduces free radicals & suppresses oxidative stress. The quantity of water should not be the only thing to care about, quality is also highly necessary. It’s essential to have external antioxidant sources to reduce oxidative stress in the body & other bodily damages. It’s all important for our well being. The way to have perfection in the field of health is maintaining balance. Human bodies should maintain the pH balance of 7.365, being slightly alkaline. Anything over 7 is considered to be very alkaline & anything below 7 is considered to be pretty acidic.

Kangen water, which is ionized alkaline water, maintains this balance of water, providing the best of health benefits. Professionals believe that the increased hydrogen levels in Kangen water provides more hydration than normal water. Kangen water not only reduces acid in the blood stream, but also, decreases bone loss, increases energy, has anti aging, colon cleansing, also other detoxifying properties, helps with skin health, induces weight loss, improves metabolism, as well as improved digestion & most importantly, even has the power to starve cancer cells.


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