Why Turn To A Google AdWords Agency In Melbourne?

Why Turn To A Google AdWords Agency In Melbourne?


Google AdWords service has gained a lot of attention from the companies in recent years, as the results have proved that there are 50% more chances of Google PPC visitors purchasing as compared to the organic visitors. You would be surprised to know that a company makes an average of $2 in return for each $1 spent on Google Pay-Per-Click service.

If you explore more on the usage and benefits of a Google AdWords agency in Melbourne, you can learn how you could create successful AdWords campaigns to increase your traffic. It, in turn, can lay a path for the wholes of digital marketing strategies of the company that consists of content marketing, optimisation of your website, as well as SEO.

How can one boost their Google AdWords results?

There are specific ways to increase your PPC results, which are:

Evaluate the share of search impressions

A Google AdWords campaign’s search impressions share, as a percentage, reflects the broader matching of the keywords with your campaign. For example, if the keywords got searched 10,000 times in that week wherein only 3,000 times your ad campaign has shown up, then the share of search impressions is 30%.

Generally, when the search impressions share is 80% and above, the PPC campaign is considered adequate and successful. Based on the search impressions share, you may take a call to either pull off or continue with the PPC campaign.

Use site-link extensions

You can measure the quality of your ad campaign with the help of the click-through rate. By using the site-link extensions in the campaign, you can boost the click-through rate by 10 to 20% on average, much higher in cases of branded keywords. The site-link extensions increase the number of routes through which a web user can access your website.

Leverage retargeting for search

You might have noticed an ad showing up when you are searching online, especially within a few days after you have visited that particular website. It is nothing but a tool known retargeting for search being used. Your Google partner agency may recommend this tool as it targets the individuals who have shown an interest in your website and products; thus, the chances of conversion are high.

Run Gmail campaigns

Gmail is one of the heavily used online services and has above a billion active users every month. The market research says that on average, people spend about 5-6 hours every day checking the emails in the inbox; thus, a PPC campaign as a Gmail ad can be very useful not only to increase the traffic to your website but also to increase the brand recall.

Perform experiments often

Performing frequent experiments on your ad campaigns such as A/B ad copy testing and testing out different landing pages can give you significant data required to make informed calls on the PPC ad campaigns as you wouldn’t want to make any decisions without proper statistics. The experiments can also be tested on various bidding strategies. Apart from that, you may also want to run the ad campaign during a different time in a day and evaluate the performance.

Measure performance by device

Measuring and comparing the performance of your ad campaign on different devices like smartphones versus desktop computers is considered important, especially to determine the budget to be spent on different online platforms. For instance, if the campaign is more successful among mobile phone users, then the company would want to increase their budget share on the mobile platform as compared to the computers.

It would be more beneficial for local services like online food delivery or cab services as mobile searches may happen when the individuals are in-transit.

Develop lookalike audience base

Building a base of lookalike audiences is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to new prospects. Basically, it is to build an audience database similar to the demographics of the present audience group. If the current audience demographics are shared, Google can provide a similar audience base, which is considered high-value prospects for the brand and expected to have a better conversion rate in the future.

Building a lookalike audience will not only ensure increased reach of your PPC campaign but also can help in higher customer acquisition, increasing your confidence in running more and more Google AdWords campaigns.

Why work with a Google partner agency?

When you want to run a Google AdWords campaign to convert the interested prospects into the actual customers, unless you connect with the right audience group on multiple platforms, the campaign will not turn out to be fruitful. Also, performing regular experiments and tests to optimize the campaign is essential to make sure the budgets are well spent. Associating with a Google AdWords agency in Melbourne that has the required expertise and experience to run the effective Google AdWords can ensure your digital marketing efforts are successful.

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