4 Things To Before Outsourcing Sales

4 Things To Before Outsourcing Sales
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Knowing different benefits that your business can reap from an outsourced sales team you may think of getting to any sales outsourcing agency. While the idea is great but in order to make it work you must ensure that you choose the right partner. In case you don’t choose the right partner you will find that the outsourcing will turn into a problem rather than a solution.

Here are those 4 things that you must consider before hiring any sales outsourcing agency.

1. Cost—what is your budget?

The idea of sales outsourcing is great as especially when you do not have to handle cold calling, prospecting and other tedious jobs related to sales. However, the truth is that these will not come free; they will come against a cost to you. So, before you start looking for outsourced team ask yourself the following

  • What will be your budget for the total program?
  • What are the things that you want them to do? You should not pay extra for some services you don’t need.
  • How many appointments are they giving guarantee of?
  • Will they build sales pipeline for you? How many?
  • How many dedicated team members do they say will work on your program?

Once you know answer to these you will be able to take a better decision.

2. Capabilities—what tools and technology do they use?

While you consider cost while choosing your sales outsourcing partner you should not avoid considering their capabilities too. You must know about the technology that they use and of course you cannot ignore their expertise. So, before partnering with anyone you must know the following about them.

  • You must be clear about what you need and what your expectations from them are.
  • Is there any specific niche market you want them to explore for you?
  • What is your growing target over the next 6 months or one year? What do they suggest you about it
  • Ask them about the B2B tools they will be suing for executing your plan.
  • How will they implement technology in the whole process so that you get detailed data of what is happening?

Again, knowing about their capabilities will help you shortlist those sales team who align with your requirement.

3. Transparency—will you have insight into your program?

This is another important aspect that should not be overlooked while you are choosing outsourced sales partner. They must be transparent with you about the process they implement for your business. Do they have any appointment setting program. It must be different for different business and how do they handle yours.

4. Deliverables—what is included in the program?

Finally, once you are aware of cost, capability and transparency you also know what exactly the program will deliver to your business. The deliveries will be different for different business but you must ask them specifically that what it that your business will get from them in return is. Will there be any fixed number of appointment or will they launch different campaigns, be that social media campaign or email campaign. Be specific about these so that you can check them later.


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