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4 Important Factors To Consider Before Tree Pruning

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Over pruning can sometimes result in various problems to the tree. If the tree is pruned properly, then the new branch will grow back. However, sometimes the bad pruning can kill a tree. It is also important to consider the right time of tree pruning, otherwise, it may result in bad impacts.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some factors that will help you with optimum tree pruning.

  1. Avoid Tree Topping

Your tree may be growing too large and it may be blocking sun rays or your neighbors may be complaining about it. But, before start cutting the top of the tree, you should keep in mind that cutting the top of the tree will lead to the killing of the tree.

The top of the tree is known as crown and it plays an important role. Therefore, you should think twice before grabbing pruning shear to cut the crown of the tree.

If after removing crown your tree still survives, then it will be entirely disfigured and it will have a deficient support structure. It compromises the structural integrity of the tree and it poses a risk on property and life in its surroundings.

  1. Choose The Right Time

There are certain seasons when it is good to trim your tree. Trimming in the bad season may lead to malfunctioning of the tree. The right time for pruning and trimming of the tree is also dependant on the tree species.

Therefore, before you start tree pruning you should do deep research on types of tree and its right time for trimming & pruning. For some species, the springtime is perfect and for other species, the autumn season is perfect for pruning and trimming.

If you have planted that tree in your yard, then you may know all about that plant species. And, if that plant was already there when you have moved to this, then it is time to open some tree-related books.

You can also use the internet to learn more about different types of trees. You can also take suggestions from a renowned tree service provider such as a tree pruning Sydney contractor.

  1. Appropriate Cut

The proper cut is very important, otherwise bad cut can lead to various problems. The inappropriate cut can lead to your favorite tree in your yard. Therefore, it is important to learn the principles of tree cutting.

First of all, make sure you never cut very close to the trunk because it will lead to the removal of the branch collar. Elimination of the branch collar will never let the tree heal and recover.

Also, make sure that you never tear off the bark because this will make your tree susceptible to many diseases and infestations. There are various things that you should keep in mind while tree trimming or pruning.

You should collect important knowledge before you start cutting tree branches. The internet will provide vast information related to different types of trees and the best time for their pruning and trimming.

  1. Avoid Over Pruning

Pruning is good for trees. It can help your trees to grow in the desired direction and also ensure their good health. But, over-pruning is highly dangerous for your trees. In an ideal situation, you should never prune your trees more than 25%.

But, in a practical scenario, you should not try to prune your tree more than 10%. If you want to prune more, then you should consider calling an arborist. An arborist or tree specialist will inspect the tree condition and suggest to you how much you can prune your trees.

If you want to create space for more trees in your yard, then over-pruning is not a solution, then you have to remove that tree from your yard. You should better move that tree to another place rather than mistakenly kill it. Therefore, think twice before pruning any tree.

Final Words:

The above-mentioned tips will help you in an appropriate tree pruning so that you do not kill your tree by mistake. By implementing these tricks, you will go on the right track. But, it is a good idea to leave this task for trained and qualified professionals.

The tree services providers have good knowledge of different trees and they have tackled different situations. Therefore, they can efficiently prune your trees. Even a single doubt in your mind while pruning trees can lead to costly results.

You may have to call the professionals in the end to remove the tress that you have killed due to over-pruning. If you want to save the life of that tree, then do not apply your little knowledge. You should pick the renowned tree service provider in your area and call him for tree pruning.

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