What is blue light protection on glasses?

What is blue light protection on glasses?

New to blue light protection on glasses? You are missing out on so much of new gadgets and accessories that save you from the adverse effects of the technology usage. Are you a person that spends your idle time on a smartphone scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook? Do you spend your time playing video games on your PC or are you, someone, you binge-watched shows at night with your popcorn by side? Then Blue light protection glasses are for you.

We are this new generation that is thrilled about new gadgets, new iPhone versions and though it gives us a good time, is detrimental for our eyes. Smartphones and laptops make your work easy and they are a great form of entertainment and an escape from reality. However when these things take over your life and create damage to your health, then it’s time to put an end to it. We spend more than 4 to 5 hours on our smartphone. The screens of all these digital devices emit harmful rays that deteriorate the state of our eyes.

How does Digital Screens damage our eyes?

All the digital devices, sun and LED light emit harmful blue light rays. Blue light rays are harmful high energy visible rays that directly penetrate the retina of the eyes and cause progressive vision damage. When you start to use your screen, blue light rays start to get absorbed by our eyes, and since there is no filter between them, the active absorption causes several visual discomforts. Especially, The current generation feels constant eye-strain, headaches, dry-eye, burning sensation, itching, redness and many more. Young adults to office workers, all feel these common discomforts in their eyes that many a time makes it extremely hard to open their eyes.

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Adults whose work depends on computers spend 8 to 9 hour sitting on the desk and these visual problems have led to a distortion in healthy sleeping pattern and productivity. Blue light rays disrupt the secretion of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin, hence you stay awake till late at night. As a result, the next morning, you look extremely tired and irritated because you didn’t get your good hours of sleep. It not only affects your mood and behaviour but you also lack productivity and creativity. We can just hope that you don’t have to give a presentation or go for a meeting.

How to escape the negative impacts of the screen in the eyes?

If you are suffering through these symptoms then you either need to get rid of your digital devices or wear blue light protection on glasses. We know that you can’t avoid your devices because let’s be real, we just can’t, we are too deep with these devices. The other option is Blue light protection on glasses but how does it help?

What is Blue light Protection on Glasses?

Blue light protection on glasses is an effective filter that helps you to block out harmful blue light rays emitted from digital devices. Blue light protection on glasses contains anti-reflective properties that block out or reflect blue light falling on the eyes and keep you protected 24/7. Glasses with blue light protection are also known as blue light blocking glasses. These glasses are made for everyone who is using smartphones, laptops or computers and want to get rid of the frequent eye discomfort they are facing every day.

Blue light protection on glasses are convenient in blocking out the transmission of harmful blue light rays and it completely eradicates all these discomforts. It also keeps you productive even after sitting on the desk for long hours as productive as ever. You don’t feel any fatigues in your eyes or headaches while doing work or watching a show late at night. Blue light protection on glasses is required for this generation as our digital devices are integrated with every work we do and excessive usage causes permanent vision problems.

Are you an avid smartphone user? Blue light protection on glasses helps to avoid all the detrimental outcomes of long hours of internet consumption. Get Blue light glasses at Specscart, where you can get blue light protection on glasses for prescription and non-prescription lenses so that everyone can protect themselves from such harmful vision problems. Don’t forget its beautiful glasses frames at Specscart, designer and fashionable frames sorted in diverse colours, material, design and style. Try them for FREE home trial for up to 4 frames for 7 days.

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