Reliable Partners to those who import from China

Reliable Partners to those who import from China


Our company is one among the internationally reputed Factory Auditing and Business Verification company serving clients the world over. Many manufacturers across the world who are in search of reliable suppliers to meet their requirements of quality products entrust with us the task of factory inspection and technical inspections to ensure quality, safety and capacity. We verify factory in China when our client wants to import various equipments and components from China. When we conduct factory audit in China, our service team will inspect the manufacturing process of the products that are to be imported, quality of the products that are to be imported, quality control system of the supplier, storing and handling methods and packing and loading methods. Our quality control inspectors are highly experienced and they have vast industry knowledge. They have update knowledge of the latest technical advancements also. We are able to provide factory audit services anywhere in China. Our factory auditing services are really cost-effective and we assure our clients quick response and proper and efficient scheduling of the inspection.

Ensuring safety

A lot of manufacturers the world over who want to import from China approach us for the best solution to verify the short-listed Chinese suppliers. We offer the ‘Chinese business verification service’ as the best and the most cost-effective solution to verify factory in China. By way of conducting the factory inspection we gather all relevant information pertaining to the Chinese suppliers or manufacturers. Our service enables our clients to check the genuineness of the Chinese manufacturers so as to decide whether to enter into contracts with them. Our prices are highly competitive and there are no hidden charges. Our factory auditing and business verification service will ensure protection of our clients from fraudulent companies who claim as genuine vendors. When we verify factory in China we will also check whether the company is legally registered in China and whether their manufacturing unit has all statutory certifications. Those who enter into contracts with Chinese companies without conducting proper verifications as well as inspections may have the risk of losing heavy amounts of money. Since we directly deal with many factories and suppliers in China those who verify factory in China using our service will not have the risk of getting cheated.

Identify scammers

We help our clients from other countries to identify the reliable Chinese manufacturer who can assure them regular supplies of quality goods strictly as per terms of the contract. When we verify factory in China we also find out from the records, from which year the company started production and also whether they are licensed manufacturers of the particular products. Our inspection team will also verify their track record to check whether they have any previous record of fraud. Since we verify the background of the suppliers our clients will never become victims of scammers. We will recommend a Chinese company as a good and reliable supplier to our client only after confirming that the company is genuine, exists physically and is properly registered with the government. Our factory audit service in China will enable our clients to save their precious time and avoid the risk of entering into a contract with an unknown Chinese company.

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