Some DIY Hacks to spice up your home décor during Lockdown

Some DIY Hacks to spice up your home décor during Lockdown

“Home is where the heart is”- is said by famous writers. But during this lockdown, it may feel suffocating to stay inside our home for all the time. But as we know that this is the major step taken for our safety, we can’t think of anything else but can surely give our home various different looks to change our mood accordingly. Home décor is a great way to rejuvenate our surrounding and feel positive about it. Not only us, but everyone who stays in home feel energetic and refreshed. So, you can always think of giving a try to change your home décor from time to time.

Especially in these gloomy days, DIY and crafts can actually make us happy and keep us occupied. Additionally and more importantly, through these small hacks, we can explore the hidden potential from within and give our surrounding a new look. The following are some choicest hacks from various sources that are the most appreciated.

Cardboard to photo frame:

Decorating your walls with unforgettable sweet memories can be so much fun and beautiful. Collect the pictures of your favourite people, moments and celebrations, and make photo frames with the help of water colours, cardboards and glue. Hang these pictures with the frames and arrange in tiles on the blank walls of your home. It can be a welcoming display on a wall which would not only give a whole new look to your home but you will definitely love to have a look every time you cross through this way.

LED Photo hanger collage:

LED lights are available online from many retailers. Choose the ones you like and then hang some photographs with the help of clips to decorate your walls. You can directly order personalized LED lights from the stores too. This will just change your mood instantly in the evening times.

A painting by your kids:

If you are not willing to put a lot of money for a painting, then you can easily use some easy hacks to get some modern arts or pattern arts drawn at your home itself. Here, you can take help of your kids to paint something imaginative, finger and palm prints with colors, or just randomly use many colours to give a look of modern art. With a beautiful cardboard frame, this may be the best piece of décor in your home.

Indoor plants and plant potter and holders

If you already have plants like Pothos, Good luck bamboo, or syngonium, you can easily propagate from them to place some more indoor plants here and there at your home which will definitely add on to the beauty. With yarn or planks, you can easily make planters, hanging pots and many more for your indoor plants. You can also take unused glass bottles for the plant propagation. You can also order indoor plants and other show piece items online in minimum price range from MyFlowerApp.Com.

Self-made wall sticker

Wall stickers can also be made with fabrics and papers. If you have a good artistic hand, then try it at your home and paste on a wall or a wooden shelf. It can just double up the beautiful looks of your home.

Crafts from unused and old stuffs

You must be having a lot of unused stuffs at home like old clothes, glass and plastic bottles, pencils, spoons, ceramic mugs and many more. There are uncountable things you can do from these items. Just put some efforts and a lot of creativity to make decorative items from these unused things piling up in your home. You can take help from DIY videos that are available online.

Dream catcher from wool:

To get rid of your nightmares and anxieties, and also to give your home a Bohemian look, you can easily make DIY dreamcatchers with colorful wool, beads, tassels and wooden sticks. It is one of the easiest hacks for home décor but leaves a great impact on the whole.


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