A Guide to Choose Interior Doors for your Home

A Guide to Choose Interior Doors for your Home


Most homeowners do not realize the importance of installing the correct doors for their household. While doors provide security and privacy, choosing the right doors can also provide rooms with a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Since most finished homes come with installed doors, people tend to overlook the opportunity to gift the rooms of the household the perfect door.

Whether you are a building your dream home from the scratch or planning to give your home a well-deserved makeover, start by choosing the perfect interior doors to adorn your home. It is sure to spruce up the look of the rooms. Here are some points to help you select interior doors for your home:

Door Styles

Check out the different door styles, as mixing and matching them can give your home a stylish and rejuvenated look. Some of the popular door styles are as follows:

  • Hinged Doors: These are the simplest and most sought-after doors. As the name suggests, one side of the door is hinged so that the door can be swung open and close. Ideally a Hinged Door should open into the room and not into the hallway or corridor, to make the passage easier.
  • Sliding Doors: Rather than swinging open, Sliding Doors slide open and close on a track, which can be mounted directly on the floor or the bottom portion of the frame. Sliding Doors are a perfect solution to small, cozy homes with space constraints.
  • Bi-fold Doors: Another way of saving on space is using Bi-fold Doors. These doors fold into two, with the folded portion jutting out.
  • Bypass Doors: These doors are similar to sliding doors, but the track is on the upper portion of the frame and not on the floor. So, when you slide the door open, the doors overlap. These doors do not swing open and hence, they are perfect for smaller spaces where you need to create more room.

These are just a few of the door styles; there are several more, including pocket doors, barn doors, French doors, and pivot doors. Understanding each style will allow you to select one that is right for the room.

Door Construction Types

When it comes to the interior door, the two most common types are flush doors and panel doors. Flush doors are simple and minimalistic in design without any compromise on the quality and performance; they have a flat surface without any raised portion or detailing. Plywood flush doors are extremely popular nowadays as they are affordable, long-lasting and durable. These doors can have a solid or hollow core, depending on what the customer chooses, are lightweight and easy to install. Flush doors made from plywood can be painted to match the overall décor in a room.  Use of high pressure decorative laminates or wood veneer sheets as a surface solution for flush doors give it a better finish and luxurious look.

On the other hand, panel doors tend to be more appealing as they have a lot of detailing. The door comprises panels or panes that are built into a frame. The panels can be vertical or horizontal and they can be raised or recessed. Panel doors can be made entirely from wood, plywood or glass. A plywood door is affordable and offers the same benefits as a solid wood panel door but at a fraction of the price. You can easily create a frame from plywood and install glass panels to make the door more aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Door Materials

Interior doors can be made from solid wood, but with people becoming more conscious about the environment and price-sensitive, they are gradually shifting to plywood and other engineered wood. Unlike wood, plywood doors do not expand with humidity and when you opt for a reputable brand like Century Ply, you do not have to worry about termites, borer insects, sagging or warping.

In Conclusion

Every home has a story to tell about the people who live in them. So go ahead, select the perfect interior doors for your home and write down your own story.

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