Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

There are numerous questions you can ask the moving company you are considering, including;

1. What is the cost per cubic foot?

If you have a lot of old furniture that takes up a lot of space, renting a small storage unit may be cheaper, and waiting until your new place has enough room for all your junk. Also, if you want to move some items at a time, this will give you the flexibility to do so.

2. How will my belongings be handled?

Will they pack them in boxes or wrap everything up in blankets? If you have fragile items like glassware or china, you will probably want them packed in boxes. If you have lots of heavy furniture, the mover may wrap everything up in blankets and tell you not to worry about anything.

3. Do I need insurance?

It is a question only if your belongings are worth more than a few thousand dollars or if they have sentimental value. Insurance is usually relatively inexpensive and is well worth the peace of mind knowing everything will be covered if something happens to them during transit.

4. What kind of preparation do you need from me?

Will they need a complete inventory list or only a general idea of what you want to be moved? Also, will they require access to each room from which they’ll be moving things? It will allow them to plan their route and allocate the appropriate amount of time for your move.

5. What is your liability policy if something gets damaged?

Most movers have a general liability clause that covers most typical problems, but you can ask about this specifically as well. You should also ask about the cost of the deductible, if any. Make sure you get all this information in writing before signing any contracts or handing over your money because it will be nearly impossible to get them to pay up once your furniture is unloaded at its destination.

6. How long will my move take?

The appropriate time for a move varies slightly depending on the distance and how much stuff you have. However, moving companies will almost always try to give you an accurate estimate so they can plan accordingly. If your move is taking too long, let them know to speed up the process.

7. How do you transport antiques?

If you have any antiques or delicate items, you will want to find out how they handle them. Some movers take the time to wrap them in blankets and pack them securely so nothing can be damaged, while others throw them onto their truck with everything else.

8. What kinds of payments do you accept?

Most movers accept cash, checks, and major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), but you may want to ask about other options like PayPal. They may also accept personal checks with the proper identification, so the check doesn’t bounce, but this is always risky business because they can cash your check before it bounces and then goes out of business, never to be seen again.


Always be sure to ask as many questions as possible to be completely satisfied with your choice of movers. If one particular mover seems to have a more reputable business model, then look for others in the same area and compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best value possible.


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