There are many scooters and bikes launched in the market these days. It is challenging to choose the best one for yourself. A proper study and comparison can help you to get out of this situation quickly.

Here we are going to compare Bajaj Chetak and Ather and see which one is more suitable for you to buy. Let’s dive in and find out.


  • Driving

Bajaj Chetak and Ather 450 are known for their excellent performance. Both bikes produce a high intensity of power.

The maximum torque for the Ather 450 stands at 20.5 Nm while the Chetak beats a maximum torque of 16 Nm.

  • Charging

Bajaj Chetak Electric and Ather 450 support feasible charging with a 5-ampere attachment.

A full charge through an ordinary attachment can take around 4 hours for the Ather. Then again, Ather’s electric bike comes in with a quick charging innovation that can utilise DC fast charging, making it charge itself at a pace of 1 km for every moment.

The Bajaj Chetak accompanies an inbuilt charger that takes around five hours to energise it to the edge, though an hour of charging can give you a 25 per cent charge. However, there’s no quick charging instrument accessible yet for the Chetak.

  • Price

The Ather 450 is being retailed in Bengaluru and Chennai for 1.13 lakhs and 1.22 lakhs (on-road price). The bikes are accessible in these urban communities right now.

Then again, the Bajaj is retailing its Chetak somewhere close to 1.0 lakhs and 1.15 lakhs in Bengaluru and Pune, with conveyances set to start by February.

Let’s talk about Bike On EMI. The EMI for the Ather begins at ₹ 3,663 though for the Bajaj Chetak it might go up to ₹ 3,228.

  • Range

The Chetak Electric gives two drive modes, in particular Eco and Sport, which produce a mileage of 95 kilometres and 85 kilometres individually.

The Ather 450 electric bike by the Bengaluru based startup, gives you three riding modes, for example, Eco, Ride, and Sport, sucking out a mileage of 75 kilometres, 65 kilometres and 55 kilometres from its electric engine.

  • Features

The Ather 450 has a cutting edge and fluidic structure, while the Bajaj Chetak is wagering on the traditional retro look. Both the bikes have a converse mode, Bluetooth network, and a battery with an IP67 rating, making it residue and water-safe.

The Best Bike

Contrasting all the parts of these two electric bikes individually, the Ather 450 develops as the reasonable champ as the best electric bike. It offers better execution, great looks, comparable range, a quick DC charger, and a sensible value section.

Biking is a unique experience, and one must not only believe what they hear from others. Make sure to test out both the bikes to find the one that suits you the best.


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