8 Sweet Ways to Make Love To Your Boyfriend

8 Sweet Ways to Make Love To Your Boyfriend


To all the girlfriend’s out there who think making love to their boyfriend is a mammoth task, here are the sweet ways to do it beautifully. From writing notes to sending gifts to expressing through gestures; the list contains comprehensive and practical tips for every type of boyfriend.

1. Write It Out: Giving words to your feelings is one of the best ways to express yourself. Whether it is through a poem or just a simple text reading “I Love You,” would do. Take out time to blurt out all you feel and send it to him. Don’t just bombard him with so many letters or texts that may sound a bit annoying rather than being lovey-dovey.

2. Compliment Your Boyfriend: How many times a day does your boyfriend compliment you? Like innumerable times. That’s where the clue comes in. Compliment your boyfriend and he will love it. Appreciate him when he does something for you or compliment him for something that you like the most about him, say his smile. From time to time, let him know how much you adore him and his gestures through compliments.

3. Cook and Feed Him: Okay! Cook food for him. Cook all his favourite dishes and then feed him as well. Prepare the dining table, and then feed him with your hands or wake him up in the bed with breakfast or lunch. For his office, pack him lunch with a note in the box. Such indirect gestures will surely hit his heart directly.

4. Give Him Gifts: Boys also love gifts. Gifting-giving is the way to pamper him and strengthen your relationships. Across all the special events, like his birthdays, your anniversary, festivities such as Diwali, New Year give him gifts. Otherwise, also you can send him a token for showcasing your love and affection. Browse birthday, new year gift for boyfriend online to get something trendy and creative for him.

5. Be His BFF: Finding love and friendship in the same person is the best that can ever happen to anyone. Be your boyfriend’s best friend in whom he can confide. Lend your support when you can, be all ears to him, minimize giving unsolicited advice. Guide him whenever he is wrong as a true friend. Step out of your lover’s image for once and check how good you are doing as a friend of him.

6. Check on His Important People: Showing genuine care for people that are important to him is one to show that you love him. Regularly, check on his parents, siblings, and those who matter the most to him. Go and meet them, call them to ask if they are doing okay, spend time with them, give gifts to them.

7. Plan a Surprise For Him: If you are in a long-distance relationship or cannot make in person on any of his special days, plan a surprise for him. With the help of his friends and family members, organize a small party or send him midnight cake and gift delivery. You could plan a surprise trip for him or send him tickets of the event he wanted to attend.

8. Be Playful: As your relationship progresses, do not change. In other words, give him all the attention like you used to do in your early days of relationship. When you go out for dates or spend time, be playful. Remember the things he likes the most and indulge in those activities with him. Be as cute, flirty, and lovable as possible forever to him.

Making love to your boyfriend isn’t that hard. Just, remember these tips!

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