15 aspect of a Bride in Bengali Wedding

 15 aspect of a Bride in Bengali Wedding


Wedding photography is different for different parts of India especially it is different for Bengali weddings. The wedding photographers in Kolkata are enough for me about the different aspects of a bride that’s not an elaborate photograph but actually enhances the look and the detailed way of expressing her elegance. To enumerate the beauty of a bengali wedding, you are the aspects of a Bengali wedding bride.

1.Iron Bangle-“Nowa”

In a Bengali wedding bride is given an “iron bangle” before the day of the wedding occasion is of aiburobhat. Any wedding photographer in Kolkata prefers this occasion extremely personal for the bride herself because this is the last meal she has as a bachelor in her own family which is considered to be a Bachelorette of the bride itself in Bengali weddings.

2.Kajal Lota

In a Bengali wedding the bride gets a “kajal Lata” which is a place for the coal on the wedding day itself. The bride has to keep the kajal Lata somewhere on her body not only during the wedding but after the big day as well. Wedding photographers in Kolkata used to not get the opportunity to click these pictures because mostly the bride has to hide the kajal Lata hair or inside of her saree.

3.Gach Kouto

Very few Bengalis have this tradition in their wedding but mostly the east Bengal originated people have it. The gachh kouto is a small pot rack shelf which the bride has to carry from the morning of the wedding, the next day and reception as well. The wedding photographers in Kolkata consider this article to be really important for Bengali wedding photography because this is meant for having a good photograph and is considered as a selective prop for Bengali weddings.


Haldi is a really personalized event for a Bengali wedding. To be honest this is one of the most beautiful ones of the entire Bengali wedding. one of the sixteen shringars in Hindu weddings. The wedding photographers in Kolkata usually keep this as a very auspicious thing for wedding photography because of the multiple colours and the beautiful tension of yellow on the face of the bride and her family.

5.Preferably Red Benarasi

Wedding photographers in Kolkata undoubtedly know that every Bengali wedding bride is either going to choose a red Banarasi or something dark in colour preferably pink, purple and orange and anything of that sort.

6.Gold Jewelries

The compliment beautiful red or pink colour of the atrocious red Banarasi Bengali bride obviously wears Golden jewelries. The wedding photographers in Kolkata prefer keeping the golden spark really mad stuff with their setting of the cameras.


Apart from all the things about Bengali bride also has one more important thing which is really important, that is, a route made out of thermocol which should match the topper of her husband. This is the most typical aspect of a Bengali wedding and Wedding photographers in Kolkata are quite accustomed with this thing.


Kolka Kalka is part of the makeup every Bengali bride has this white bhindi embroidery on her forehead cheeks and chin. Wedding photographers in Kolkata are quite familiar with this thing and they keep the angle enough suitable for the face of the bride.

9.Betel leaf

Anyone familiar with the customs of a Bengali wedding has to know about the culture of betel leaves. When the groom seats the bride for the first time she covers her face with the betel leaf and she removes it to let her groom see her for the first time on the wedding day. This is a really important moment for the wedding photographers in Kolkata.


Any wedding photography in Kolkata that is of a Hindu culture is incomplete without vermilion. This is the final moments before she is finally married to her groom and this is here when he covers his forehead with the red vermillion.

Wedding photography in Kolkata and Bengali weddings are incomplete without one another. So these were the ten items that are necessaryv for a  Bengali wedding bride.

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