DIY your wedding invitations

DIY your wedding invitations


A wedding is the union of two souls and family. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, and provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. That is why people spend so much money. From catering to the venue to decoration to cake to the wedding invitation, everything can cost a lot.

Here are some statistics that support this:

  • As of 2018, the Indian wedding industry holds the second position in this business with the value of the industry being over $50 billion. The US wedding industry holds the first place with a whopping $70 billion value.
  • The Indian wedding industry is recession-proof as more than 10 million weddings happen in India every year.
  • A person in India spends at least 20% of their savings on a wedding, whether theirs or relatives.

No doubt the wedding industry flourishes. But not everyone wants a luxurious wedding and spend all their money on it. A wedding ceremony takes two days, but a marriage lasts for a lifetime. For some people, it is not right to spend every single penny or savings on your wedding. They think it is best to save some for their new life together and honeymoon because that is worth more.

They want their wedding day to be beautiful, and they want it to be on a budget. Let me tell you, having a memorable wedding on a budget is not a myth. You can do it, all you need is the right people by your side, and some creative ideas.

Now, for a wedding, you need a lot of things, but one thing that can be quite expensive is the wedding invitations. You need a lot of invitations, and if you go out in the market, you will have a lot of options ranging from okay to costly.

For someone who is on a budget or wants a simple yet elegant invitation card, it might be impossible to find the right invitation.

There is one way that you can get the invitation of your dreams within a budget. DIY or do-it-yourself. You can design your invitation personally with the help of a professional or not. It gives you the command of the design, the paper quality, the print quality, and so on. You can choose the best material that is in your budget, and design the card of your dreams.

Here are some great DIY invitation cards ideas:

  • You need to set a budget for your invitation.
  • Either you can design it using Canva or other websites or take help from a professional.
  • You need to find the design that works for you, paper, and so on. You can use the following ideas to design your cards more creatively.

1. Personalize stamp for a personal touch

A simple way to add a twist to your wedding invite is by using stamps in it. You can use customized stamps that say your name and address on your cards or on the envelope.

It gives a simple invite a charm and elegance and doesn’t even put a hole in your pocket.

2. Templates

Canva wedding templates feature offers tons of templates that you can use to design your wedding invite. They are simple, elegant, and you can customize them as per your needs.

Using Canva, you can design your wedding invitations however you want. You can add filters or images or so on.

It also gives all your invites a consistent look as you have a template to design them uniformly.

3. Vintage handkerchief invitation

Want to go vintage with your wedding? Then try handkerchief invitation. It feels like it will cost a lot, but it is not. You can download a handkerchief invitation design from online, add your details, change the colors or font, and then you print it.

Pick envelope of your choice, and your simple, budget-friendly, yet memorable invitation is ready.

4. Ribbon for the win

If you are going for a simple and elegant white invitation, this idea can make it look expensive and classy without much trouble. All you have to do is buy ribbons that will look on the paper. (you can choose pink or blue for white sheet, or if your sheet is of a different color, pick a contrasting one). Now, tie the ribbon around the invite or the envelope as per your preference. It not only adds a little charm to it but also keeps pages or other things like RSVP card in place.

5. Use calligraphy to step up your game

Another way to step up a simple wedding invitation is by addressing the card personally using calligraphy. You can do it yourself on the envelope or print the details on the card using calligraphy. Don’t worry, it is easy to write in calligraphy. All you need to is go see a tutorial or find calligraphy writing tools in the market, and you are set.

6. Use bright envelopes

For any single white sheet invitation, using bright envelopes can do the trick. You can use bold font inside or some simple but effective designing techniques. After that, pick a bright red or maroon or any other bright color envelope and dress the invitation up.

It will make them stand out, and they will stick in people’s memory.

7. Give fancy corners or edges to your card

Another way to make a simple card engaging for everyone is to give it creative corners or edges. There are tons of stamp cutter or punch tools in the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can use them to create a designer card at home. Be sure to do it when you have time and can concentrate. Otherwise, you will end up an invitation that will look not so pleasing.

8. Tags and twine

Want to give your wedding invitations a rustic look? Then this DIY idea is perfect for you. All you have to do is find some twine and use that to hold the wedding invite pages together. Then you can add a personalized tag to it, addressing the person you are sending it too personally or so on.

It is cool, appealing, and also keeps all your pages and cards in place.

9. Add paper flower on the invitation

Another budget-friendly idea is to use paper flowers to make your invitation look interesting and expensive. Just buy or make some paper flowers in contrast with the color of the invite or matching the color of the font.

Now, you can paste these flowers inside the card or on the envelope. It is better to paste them inside the card as they are safe there, especially if you are sending the card through the post.

10. Emboss your invitation

Pick your favorite monogram online and use it to seal your envelopes. You can use an embosser to seal the invitation. It will look like you spendy million of bucks on it, but it won’t cost that much. It will be just like those old movies in which secret messages were sent using seals of candles. Pretty happening, interesting, and budget-friendly idea.

Invitations are important, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on it to make them look good. Simple ideas and craft tools are all you need. Adding a personal touch can always makes everything better.

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