Common Probation Violations And Their Consequences

Common Probation Violations And Their Consequences

When you are convicted of a crime or plead guilty by the court, you can get a chance to be on probation instead of being in jail or Prison. Even though you might think that this is a better option than being in Prison but probation is not that easy. One little mistake which breaks the rules and you will be in Prison. The probation comes with its own strict rules which you should agree to follow. If you get caught breaking the laws of your probation, you can suffer hefty penalties. If the Cobb County Probation Violation rules are broken, the felony may face jail time and penalties. Not attending your court dates is one of the most common probation violations.

If the probation is revoked and you are punished for spending time in jail, this can lead to adverse changes in your life like the relationship with your family and friends being destroyed or losing your job. It is essential to hire a probation violation attorney who can defend your allegations before you face charges for violation. You might need to hire a probation violation attorney Cobb County and get legal advice

There are two types of probations

The first one is unsupervised probation, in which a convicted person is placed on probation. Still, he isn’t assigned with a probation officer to help him oversee his punishment, and no one is keeping information about his compliance with the terms of probation. The general requirements are not to break any rules and violate the law during your probation period and pay your court fines and costs on time. The second type of probation is the supervised probation, this convicted person assigned with a probation officer whit whom he should be in contact regularly, and he will keep a track on his compliance of the probations set by the judge.

A person who is on supervised probation must obtain permission from the court to travel anywhere out of the state, be submitted to warrantless searches for drugs and pay the supervision fees. Other special conditions include performing a service to the community, attending an alcohol and drug treatment program and serving some prison time along with your probation. Before you start your probation trial, it is essential to hire a Cobb County probation violation attorney who can help with you all the legal issues and defend your allegations.

 The most common violations of probations are:

  1. Missing appointments with your probation officer:
  • When you are on supervised probation you will have a probation officer who will look after your probation. The probation officer will set up meetings, and you should be able to attend all of them without fail. If you miss any of his appointments, it will be straight considered as a violation of probation, and this will lead to your probation officer reporting it to the court.
  1. Not attending the Court hearing:
  • The judge assigned to your probation case will give you further court hearings after a specific time to keep and update on your progress and results. If you don’t attend the court hearings, it will result in a severe violation of your probation, and it could revoke your probation. Hiring a probation violation attorney cobb county will help you to keep a proper track on your probation, and then he will defend against the allegations from the court.
  1. Not Paying your Fines:
  • If you fail to pay your fines or restitution given by the court, you may face serious consequences. Depending on your crime, the judge will order you to pay a fine to the victim. If you fail to pay the penalties to the victim as per requested by the court, you can face and be charged with a new offence for violating your probation.
  1. Not doing a Community service:
  • If the court has given you orders to complete a given number of community service within the courts given period. If you fail to complete this service, the judge will charge you for violating the probation.
  1. Staying away from certain places and people:
  • Staying away from areas which are influenced by criminal activities or people who are on probation or convicts list is a particular term set by the judge during your probation period. E.g., if you were in a Gang, you won’t be allowed to be in contact with the other gang members in any way.
  1. Being Unemployed:
  • When you are on your probation period, it is required for you to have a job or enrol in a university. Failing to do this could lead to a violation of your probation.
  1. Committing crime during probation:
  • Committing another crime while you have are held on probation is a stupid crime. Even small problems like breaking traffic or speeding limits can be considered as a violation of your probation.

These are the Consequences for Probation violation

  • Continue probation under the same rules
  • Modify your probation and to comply with additional requirements
  • Serve a jail sentence of up to 30 days
  • Revoke your probation and require you to serve a prison sentence
  • Extend your probation for up to five years.


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